Save the date!!

November 9th

Open House

We are re-building this website.

The new version will be ready by Nov. 6th

Come back and see the changes!

Call us at (707) 459-9697

If we don't answer, please leave a message. We'll get back to you in a snap.

Email us at  "info at" if you have questions.  Ask to be added to our email list.

Come see us at 330 E. Commercial St , in Willits. (Look for the open black gate)

Become a member, have some fun, and make something!

To start, fill out an application form, email us, or call Wowser at: (707) 459-9697

Membership in Wowser is open to those 18 years and older,
          or with parental consent,  to those 14-17 years old.

All Wowser members must pass the required Safety and Orientation class.
The use of tools and equipment is subject to the member being certified
as competent by a Wowser instructor.

Once certified, members, individually, or in self-selected groups, are free to
choose courses, projects and learning experiences, based on their own interests.

Members create products for their personal use, for sale, or as part of co-operative projects.

You $100 yearly membership fee includes your first two months.  After that, you only pay for the times when you want to use the space.  $50 per month, or $10 per day (And yes, after you have paid for 9 days, we'll credit you for a full month.

About the founders

Roger - the man with the idea, runs the shop floor  email Roger

Dickey - marketing, memberships, keeping it light   email Dickey

Cyndee - the business end, space rental, memberships, donations  email Cyndee

Anna - signage and beautification!





Come on our Open House, November 9th 11AM-4PM