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November 9th

Open House

We are re-building this website.

The new version will be ready by Nov. 6th

Come back and see the changes!

Membership Applications


Membership is $100 per year. 

Your membership fee helps pay the rent, and includes you under Wowser's insurance while you are working at Wowser.


Your first TWO months of space/tool/equipment rental are included at no extra charge.

      Each month extra that you wish to use the shop is $50 (per month)

Or, you may use the shop at anytime for $10/day.

     (After 9 days, we'll include the rest of the month.)


To receive information about Membership Specials, events and class offerings, 

Download your application, complete it and bring it to
us  - or  mail (with payment) to

330 E. Commercial St
Willits, CA  95490 

Adult Application.pdf

Applications for members age 14-17 must be completed with
and adult present at Wowser




Come on our Open House, November 9th 11AM-4PM