Save the date!!

November 9th

Open House

We are re-building this website.

The new version will be ready by Nov. 6th

Come back and see the changes!

Our Mission is to provide an industrial arts build facility
serving Willits' community


Wowser is a place where you can develop your ideas, build your inventions, create kinetic art.  And when you need to pause; watch others making their own creative masterpieces. 

        It is a place away from the squabbling differences of the world, where you can easily work with others to create whatever YOU want to make.

We aim to create Makers, tinkers, designers, fabricators. 


By awakening the 'desire to create' that is already within you


Expand, Grow, Create.

Try it, you'll like it.


Come on our Open House, November 9th 11AM-4PM