Save the date!!

November 9th

Open House

We are re-building this website.

The new version will be ready by Nov. 6th

Come back and see the changes!

Learn, Make Teach, Support


You've got a project or repair in mind, and if you could do the
welding/ firing/ framing/ wiring/ solarization yourself,
that would solve everything!

Become a member and take a class


Have you ever wanted to build your own:
cargo bike
tesla coil
brick making machine
custom cork-puller
racing rail hand-car 
pedal-powered grain mill
motorized cooler-mobile & dog-hauler…
or any other wacky, cool and/or useful thing???
Wowser offers open source design and collaboration in shared workspaces

Become a member and build that thing


  • Can you explain how to safely use hand tools, power tools, or industrial machines? 
  • Do you have expertise in and know how to teach:
    welding, shoemaking, gear cutting, electric vehicles, woodworking, ceramics,
    electricity & electronics, industrial fabrication, blacksmithing,  or how to make just about anything?.
  • Can you teach people how to develop an Idea, design and market a product, make a presentation
    and establish their brand?

Become a member and share your expertise


  • You think Wowser's an incredible idea, even though you, yourself might not  be a maker.
  • You'd like your grandchild to have the the great experience you had in shop class.
  • You believe Wowser is bringing something important to the local economy, and you're
    ready to help us get up to full speed fast!

Become a member - and
sponsor someone else's membership,
donate a tool or something from our wish list,
find out other ways to support our effort to stimulate the economy and make makers in Willits.



Come on our Open House, November 9th 11AM-4PM